Herd Bulls with Semen for Sale  (EPDS updated to Fall 2006 Analysis on most bulls)

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Linebred Total Performance Bulls

  1. WNH Supreme 2025
  2. WNH Supreme 0123
Total Performance Bulls that Excel in Milk and Growth
  1. WNH Optimum 9324
  2. WNH Everything (National Reserve Senior Champion Bull)
Total Performance Bulls that Excel in Structural Correctness, Eye Appeal and Carcass Traits.
    WNH Stockmaster 9925 (National Western Divisional Champion 2001)
Proven Total Performance Bulls that Excel in Calving Ease, Growth, Conformation and Carcass Traits
  1. WNH Fortress (National Western Grand Champion Bull 1997)
  2. MSU WNH Felton 5F
  3. WNH NS Elixir
Total Performance Bulls that Excel in Calving Ease, Fertility, Milk, and Carcass Traits.
  1. WNH Easy Producer 9517
  2. WNH Easy Doer 9707
Total Performance Bulls that Excel in Growth, Muscle, and Carcass Traits.
  1. MSU Optimum Z03 (National Western Grand Champion Bull 1993)
Other Prominently used bulls from WNH
  1. WNH Optimum 264 9705
  2. WNH CHR MCA Decathlete
  3. WNH Decathlete 9824
  4. FTR WNH Gabriel G16
  5. WNH Decathlete 9919
  6. WNH 19D Optimum 9826
  7. WNH QMF Picasso 9630
  8. WNH Maximum 9629
  9. WNH Optimum 4X 9834
  10. WNH NS Power Play 9620