WNH 1999 National Western Stock Show Highlights
MSU Optimum Z03 Makes an Emphatic Return to Denver:

MSU Optimum Z03 was the 1993 National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Bull.

In 1999 at nearly 9 years of age, Optimum returned to Denver to be put on display in Herd Bull Alley.  He was a popular attraction on Herd Bull Alley, constantly having admirers gathered around him.  Many people who had seen him when he was Grand Champion admired the fact that they thought he looked even better now than he did then.  He was just ahead of his time.  He was thick and deep, muscular and powerful when those traits were first sought as a new direction in the beef industry.  Six years later in 1999, there were few if any big bulls in the show on the Hill that could compare to Optimum in muscle, volume, doability and structural correctness and longevity.

MSU Optimum Z03 has sold over 10,000 straws of semen, and retail sales of his semen, breeding interests, and AI certificates have exceeded $400,000.  Orders for another 2500 plus straws of his semen were taken in Denver.  1500 of those straws will be going to a Braford breeder.  Because of his muscle, volume, easy doing ability and heavy muscling in the lower quarter, Optimum has been a very popular bull for use on Brahman cows.  Many Brahman cows have been flushed to Optimum, and he is the sire of hundreds of beautiful Braford females.

Beyond the extensive activity around Optimumís  display pen, Optimum also had a major impact on the National breed show up on the Hill.  Optimum daughters produced 4 class winners, 3 seconds and 2 thirds, 3 divisional champions and both Reserve Grand Champions.  In addition, two of his own daughters placed 5th and 6th in very big, tough classes.  Below is some of what Optimum daughters produced at Denver:

MSU STAR Headliner, National Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Sire: Feltons 517  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

MSU 19D Optima 23H, National Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
Sire: NJW 1Y Wrangler 19D  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

WNH Optima 9401 9804, National Reserve Junior Champion Heifer
Sire: Feltons 517  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

MSU WNH Focus 49H, Class Winner
Sire: MSU Educator  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

NS Grand Slam 762, Class Winner, Winter Bull Calves
Sire: Feltons 517  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9321

MSU STAR DR Headmaster, 2nd in Class
Sire: Feltons 517  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

(no photo here of NS Frosty O Miss 811)

NS Frosty O Miss 811, 2nd in Class to National Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
Sire: NJW 1Y Wrangler 19D  Dam: WNH  Optima 9312

(no photo here of NS Sara Optima 732)

NS Sara Optima 732, 3rd in Class to National Champion Heifer and 9708.
Sire: SBR Prime EXP 43A  Dam: WNH  Optima 9312

MSU Advance Optima 34H, 3rd in Heifer Class P2 where the top three were all out of WNH bred Optimum daughters.
34H shown here as a yearling was 2nd in class to the National Grand Champion and just ahead of 23H, her maternal sister.
Sire: HH Advance 9012Y  Dam: WNH Ms Optima 9401

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