Bulls by WNH Ms Optima 9401

WNH Fortress
Grand Champion Bull at Denver 1997
Reserve Grand Champion Bull, 1996 American Royal

MSU STAR Headliner
Grand Champion Bull at Denver 2001
Canadian National Grand Champion Bull, 1999 Toronto Royal
Canadian National Reserve Grand Champion Bull, 1998 Agribiton
US National Reserve Grand Champion Bull, 1999 National Western
Reserve Yearling Champion, 2000 National Western

WNH CHR MCA Decathlete
Reserve Grand Champion, 1996 Western Nugget National
Reserve Fall Calf Champion, 1997 Ft. Worth National
Grand Champion Performance Bull at the California State Fair
Calf Champion at the Oregon State Fair
Sire of the US 2000 National Champion Female
and the Argentinean National Reserve Grand Champion Bull

WNH NS Elixir
Grand Champion Bull
1997 National Genetic Focus Show at the American Royal

MSU WNH Felton 5F
Reserve Calf Champion, 1996 Genetic Focus National, American Royal
Reserve Yearling Champion, 1997 Genetic Focus National

WNH 19D Optimum 9826
Yearling Champion, Northern International Livestock Expo, Billings, MT.
Divisional Champion at the Oregon and Washington State Fairs
Second in class to the Divisional Champion at the 2000 National Western

SCF Reggie 517 9401
Fall Calf Champion, 1997 National Genetic Focus Show, American Royal

MSU WNH Focus 49H
Class Winner, 1999 National Western

MSU STAR DR Headmaster
2nd in Class, 1999 National Western

WNH Olympian 2024
Born: 5/3/00      BW: 93 lbs.        118 Day Weight: 525 lbs.

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